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Chivers - Wigglers

Code: PC008804
Manufacturer: The Puppet Company Ltd.
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Chivers - Wigglers
Ages: 3+
Dimensions: 40 cm (L)
Access: hole in bottom


  • These fun and furry friends can be made to perform lots of delightfully wriggly moves!
  • Simply place a Wiggler along the top of your arm and tuck three fingers into the head pocket, then cross your arms and place two fingers into their tail pocket and start wriggling!
  • Can you make yours arch like a caterpillar or slither like a snake? There is a whole family of Wigglers to collect in lots of funky colourful designs.
  • Each one named after their favourite apple. “Go on, get wiggling with a Wiggler!”
  • Please remove all hooks, labels and packaging before giving this product to a child.
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