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Dog - Finger Puppets

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Manufacturer: The Puppet Company Ltd.
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Dog - Finger Puppets
Ages: 3+
Dimensions: 12 cm (Height)
Access: hole in bottom


  • Puppets with a movable mouth can greatly enhance the teaching of phonics within the Literacy Hour.
  • They are also very helpful in getting over basic number concepts during the Numeracy Hour.
  • In fact it is true to say that puppets can play an integral part of a child's education across the curriculum.
  • Children with a Specific Learning Difficulty or Special Educational Needs will benefit from the extra dimension a puppet can bring to lessons.
  • We stock a large range of puppets that can be used for signing, counting and clapping practice.
  • Let your class correct the deliberate mistakes made by you with your puppet. Let them correct the puppet when it gets a sum or spelling wrong. It's in these situations where a puppet can open up a pressure free space where children begin to learn.
  • Children that are upset or shy will chat to a puppet that has shown 'interest' in them and tell it things that they may not wish to discuss with an adult.
  • Please remove all hooks, labels and packaging before giving this product to a child.
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