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Stacker Crackers™ - Sight Words Game

Code: LR00LER4643 Product number: 765023846430
Manufacturer: Learning Resources®
Discontinued product

Stacker Crackers™ - Sight Words Game

Ages: 5+

Game box measures: 17,5cm (H)

  • Develop word recognition at home.
  • Game cards feature a sight word on one side and a cheese or cracker design on the other!


Game includes:

  • 90 sight word game cards
  • 10 Stack Attack cards


How to play:

  • Players reach inside the cracker tin and take a cracker sight word card.
  • The player must read out the word before using it correctly.
  • If they’re correct the player keeps that card.
  • The winner is the player with the most cracker cards at the end of the game.
  • Beware! If a player pulls out a ‘Stack Attack’ card, they lose all of their cards.
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By Age 5
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