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"I CAN" - Stamps for Teachers

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"I CAN" - Stamps for Teachers

Ages: 3+

  • Add your stamp of approval!
  • Put your stamp of approval on student achievements.


Illustrated jumbo stamps include encouraging statements, including:

  • I can name all my letters
  • I can rhyme!
  • I can read sight words
  • I can recall key details
  • I can spell
  • I can use capital letters
  • I can write!
  • I can count to 100
  • I can write my numbers
  • I can count objects
  • I can compare numbers
  • I can add
  • I can subtract
  • I can work with numbers 11-19
  • I can count by 10s
  • I can name shapes
  • I can compare/contrast
  • I can retell a story
  • I can write all my letters
  • I can use punctuation!
  • I can read fluently
  • I can read vowel sounds
  • I can solve word problems
  • I can extend the counting sequence
  • I can understand place value
  • I can tell and write time
  • I can interpret data
  • I can measuer lenghs
  • I can read _______
  • I can ___________
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