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Goldilocks and the Three Bears + Fairytale Things to Make and Do

Kód: 9780746097823+69912 Produktové číslo: 9780746097823 Akce 2 za cenu 1
Výrobce: Usborne
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears + Fairytale Things to Make and Do


Popis - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • Sounds include Goldilocks enjoying the porridge, the chair breaking and Goldilocks falling asleep in bed.
  • With robust tabs to help children locate their favourite scenes.


Věk: 3+
Autor: Felicity Brooks
Ilustrátor: Jo Litchfield
Počet stran: 10
Rozměry: 180 mm x 200 mm
Vazba: leporelo se zvukovým panelem


    Popis -  Fairytale Things to Make and Do

    • This new fairy-themed title in the hugely popular "Usborne Activities" series follows the phenomenal success of "Fairy Things to Make and Do".
    • This enchanting book is filled to the brim with glittering fairytale-themed craft ideas that will captivate children everywhere.
    • Among the exciting activities included are: Puss-in-Boots puppets, Cinderella's sparkling slipper, a colourful collage featuring Red Riding Hood and the hungry wolf, a delightful gingerbread house, a romantic fairytale wedding and much, much more.
    • Every activity is clearly and imaginatively illustrated in fabulous fairytale style, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
    • This book contains over a hundred sparkly stickers that can be added to the fairytale activities included in the book or used to create your own dazzling fairytale scenes.


    Věk: 4+
    Autor: Leonie Pratt
    Ilustrátor: Stephen Cartwright
    Počet stran: 32 stran + 2 strany s nálepky
    Rozměry: 305 mm x 238 mm
    Vazba: měkká vazba
    Váha: 0.709 kg
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